Israel Valley  

The Israel Valley is incredibly flat and very fertile. The area was once a swamp and was bought by pioneers over 120 years ago.


The valley was an ancient passageway that people used to cross in order to get to the hills of Nazareth. Today this area of Israel is farmland.


The earth is currently being used to grow food and is watered using recycled water. 70% of the water which is flushed down the toilets in Israel is cleaned and made available for agriculture. 90% of all the fruit and vegetables that is eaten in Israel is grown locally.

Jordan River Birds  

The River Jordan in the Jordan valley boasts the most amazing selection of migrating birds. Over 5 million birds fly through Israel every year and pass through the Jordan valley because of the water and the fish.


Among the migrating birds are cormorants, stalks, gulls, moorhens and birds of prey such as black kites and marsh harriers.

Hamat Gader  

The ancient hot springs of El Hama (Hamat Gader in hebrew) date back for 2000 years, to the time of the Romans who built a beautiful hot spring resort down in the valley. The resort was subsequently covered over by 4 meters of earth and when archaeologists rediscovered it, entire buldings were found intact.


Today, this is a very popular resort for Israelis from all over the country who come to enjoy the hot springs of El Hama.

Ein Aya  

The Ein Aya water hole is one of many springs in Israel, the Golan Heights itself is a wonderful source of water. The limestone absorbs the water in the winter time and then allows it to flow out slowly into the spring.


Two thousand years ago, women with jars would have gone to Ein Aya spring to draw water and have a chat with the other women. Men would also go to the water hole in the hope of finding a young woman to partner with.

Ein Aya Snails   Small black snails called mellanopsis live in the water hole at Ein Aya and can only live in fresh water. The snails are biological indicators as to whether or not the water is fresh enough to swim in. While this is not scientifically proven, If the snails disappear, the water is probably contaminated.  
Ein Aya Gazelles  

Gazelles living in the wild are protected in Israel. These animals are very interesting in that they do not need to drink water, even though they can, but they get enough moisture from the plants that they eat.


The Gazelle is a symbol in Israel for the post office and for national parks.

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